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Christmas Concertos
December 14  at 7.45pm

Holy Apostles Church
London Road GL52 6HW

Tickets: £16 on the door, or £13 in advance
Students £6
Pre-concert talk £2
(all unreserved) from:

Tourist Information
77 Promenade
Cheltenham, GL50 1PJ
01242 522878        

or direct from Corelli Concerts
36 King’s Road, Cheltenham GL52 6UD

(01242) 517192 to reserve tickets, or email

warwick (at) corelliconcerts.co.uk

The Musical and Amicable Society present a varied selection of concertos to include Corelli’s Christmas Concerto.

There is a pre-concert talk at 6pm which is designed to be of special interest to students studying the Vivaldi Bassoon concerto for OCR  AS level. More ...

Christmas Concerto
Bassoon Concerto in E minor
Flautino concerto in G major
Viola d’amore concerto in D minor
Concerto da camera in B flat
Concerto for viola da gamba and recorder
Harpsichord concerto in F

C P E Bach
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